A lot of motivational blogs are about changing yourself to become more disciplined. I think of this more like being a recovering addict – I’m naturally inclined not to strive, but with some mental trickery I can still accomplish something despite myself.

I think I’m always going to be a lazy person at my core. I’ll probably never be the kind of guy who wakes up at 5 and is on his A-game every single day. I probably won’t rise to be the CEO of my own conglomerate. What I can do is make sure I have more productive days than unproductive ones, and do something with my life despite my innate sloth. This is first of four main ways that this blog differs from others about self-improvement:

1. I Don’t Think Everyone Can Be Super Successful
2. I Think Stick > Carrot
3. I Source My Claims
4. I’m No Expert

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