Month: August 2017

6 Motivating Life Lessons from Reddit

Reading Time: 3 minutesReddit is almost always the example I use of the site I use when I’m procrastinating or otherwise wasting time, but there are some great communities on there for self-improvement*.  Here are the posts I’ve seen that have had the biggest impact on making me a less lazy person: 1. The Power of Regret Gary […]

To Be More Disciplined, Be More Impulsive

Reading Time: 3 minutesDecision fatigue is the phenomenon whereby decision-making depletes some as-yet-unspecified-by-science psychological resource, making us prone to worse decision and poorer self-regulation. You may have heard that Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama reduce their wardrobes to multiples of the same items to eliminate a decision from their days.  It’s not really a surprise that these two […]

The 10 Psychological Causes of Laziness – and How to Beat Them

Reading Time: 7 minutesThis Psychology Today article examines various psychological underpinnings of laziness and procrastination. It’s a fascinating read, but it’s missing one key thing: action items on how to beat your laziness. Let’s fix that, shall we?  Here are ten (I’m sure there are more) reasons that you’re being lazy or procrastinating, and how to fix it. 1. […]

Program Yourself to Reach your Goals

Reading Time: 3 minutesFirst, become a robot. Just kidding (kind of).  This tip comes from psychology professor Peter Gollwitzer.  He pioneered a self-regulation technique called implementation intention.  In order to take advantage of it, you have to program yourself. Any of you with any programming experience will be familiar with if-then statements — the program checks for a […]

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