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6 Motivating Life Lessons from Reddit

Reading Time: 3 minutesReddit is almost always the example I use of the site I use when I’m procrastinating or otherwise wasting time, but there are some great communities on there for self-improvement*.  Here are the posts I’ve seen that have had the biggest impact on making me a less lazy person: 1. The Power of Regret Gary […]

To Be More Disciplined, Be More Impulsive

Reading Time: 3 minutesDecision fatigue is the phenomenon whereby decision-making depletes some as-yet-unspecified-by-science psychological resource, making us prone to worse decision and poorer self-regulation. You may have heard that Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama reduce their wardrobes to multiples of the same items to eliminate a decision from their days.  It’s not really a surprise that these two […]

Program Yourself to Reach your Goals

Reading Time: 3 minutesFirst, become a robot. Just kidding (kind of).  This tip comes from psychology professor Peter Gollwitzer.  He pioneered a self-regulation technique called implementation intention.  In order to take advantage of it, you have to program yourself. Any of you with any programming experience will be familiar with if-then statements — the program checks for a […]

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